Francesca Perez

Floral Designer, Gardener, Serving Sonoma County

I began my love of Gardening in my early childhood, My father gardened on the deck and my grandmother had a huge garden with fruit trees and succulents and a big workbench that she would pot things up on. It would be in my early twenty's that it all came back to me. I am an alumni of City College of San Francisco and went through their Environmental horticulture department. I would pursue a life involving Floral design and through Floral design I would return for the horticulture aspect of my world. Through life's twists and turns I would be offered a part time position at a wonderful Tuscan Olive Oil Ranch and would become a gardener there adding my floral design skills, I then decided to venture onto a new leg of life's journey continuing with my own business offering my skills and expertise in Floral Design and or Garden Design and development. I am in my moment when I am in the garden, moving around tending to all that needs attention. I've found my peace and heart in all that I do. And am very proud to bring that heart and soul to clients and family and all who are eager to learn. :) Francesca Perez


at City College of San Francisco
1996 – 2005 San Francisco, CA


Best Florist in Santa Rosa / November 2017, We want